KFC Xmas

KFC it's good

Xmas brandworld and Xmas campaign.

KFC it's good

Role: Art director / illustrator

Mother London 2019

Role: Art director / illustrator 

Mother London 2019

Project description

This campaign was all about capturing the essence and identity of KFC's new South Brand World, designed to modernize and revitalize their tone of voice and brand communication. In collaboration with Mother London, we created striking illustrations and patterns that fused iconic KFC brand elements with classic Christmas themes, giving them an energetic twist.

What made this project unique was that it marked the first time KFC featured illusions as the centerpiece of their Christmas campaign. This task was not only significant but also essential, as we were simultaneously shaping KFC's graphic and illustrative brand world. This visual language became a vital part of KFC's brand guidelines, influencing their brand voice for years to come.

To bring it all together, I directed and illustrated the project, and it was beautifully finalized by the talented team at Shotpop.


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