Defiant Dancers

KFC it's good

United ukrainian ballet

KFC it's good

Role: Design Direction

Mother London 2023

Creative : James Lucking

Role: Art director / illustrator 

Mother London 2019

Project description

In Ukraine, statues and cultural monuments are entombed in sandbags to ensure their survival against the missiles and bombs of war. In London, the displaced United Ukrainian Ballet will take to the stage, showing that displaced Ukrainian performers cannot be defeated. The ‘Defiant Dancer’ brings this to life. Ukrainian ballerinas, representing the powerful culture and ideas of their homeland posed with pride among hundreds of protecting sandbags.

I created impactful typography visual communication with editorial styling that visually brought to life the curators' and creatives' vision of the 'Defiant Dancer' art installation as a stirring tribute to the resilience of displaced Ukrainian artists.


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